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Jeep Doctors

Who we are?
The jeep doctors – Frontline Motorpool Europe . We specialize in Jeep and other green ww2 stuff, but also classic Mini’s. We source these parts from all over the world and are located in Europe.

It all was founded way back in the late 60’s by my father “Huib” as a hobby collecting almost everything from WW2. Later on i “Joost” started helping my father with jeeps, but also restored a lot of classic Mini’s and other US cars too that resulted a few years ago by making it an official company.

The Shop
We are located in our shop near Arnhem in the Netherlands, open by appointment

Our Vendors and partners

The Frontline Motorpool USA is the go-to destination for auto parts and repairs. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality parts and services available, at the best prices. We’re proud to offer the best selection of parts from the best vendors and manufacturers, and we Also have a European repair shop location for the convenience of our customers. Our experienced staff is always happy to answer questions and provide advice, and we always have a recommended list of suppliers for our customers to choose from. With Frontline Motorpool, you can trust that your vehicle is in good hands.

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